Fishbourne residents would have hopefully received our Fabulous at 50 Appeal brochure through their letter box recently. This brochure outlines all the information you would need about fundraising for our 50th Anniversary celebrations for the Fishbourne Playing Field Association (FPFA).  The FPFA is a registered charity and needs your help to keep going! Please read on to find out who the FPFA are and what can be done to help fundraise.

If you didn’t receive the brochure, please feel free to view it online by clicking here.

What is the FPFA?

The Fishbourne Playing Field Association (FPFA) are a registered charity based in Fishbourne. In 2020 the charity celebrated their 50th Anniversary!

But how did we get to 50 years? It all started in October 1969, when Rev. Roy Follis called a meeting in the Church Hall to discuss setting up a play area for children. A committee was formed and in 1970 the Fishbourne Playing Field Association became a registered charity. The FPFA therefore own the Playing Fields and Centre on behalf of the residents of Fishbourne. Its first event was what was to become known as the Fishbourne Fireworks – which made a profit of £28!

From this, the committee has sourced various grants to help develop the widely-admired playing field with facilities to accommodate:

  • Football teams such as The Fishbourne Romans and Fishbourne FC
  • Cricket
  • Stall Ball
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Croquet

As well as the above, the FPFA is also home to the very popular children’s play area, a multi-sports court, outdoor gym equipment and is a popular venue for dog-walking.

The Field is also the base for the Fishbourne Centre and for the Fishbourne Pre-School. So, as you can see, it is the hub of Fishbourne Village!

The FPFA needs your help!


Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer so please fill out the form below and send it back to admin@fishbournecentre.org.uk or deliver it directly to the Centre.



We welcome offers to help of all kind – both physical and administrative. If you would like to help please email the address below. Use the same address if you would be interested in becoming a Trustee of the charity or joining the management committee for the Community Centre.



Monthly prizes – £5 per month to take part. Click for more information and application form.


£5 a month with 3 cash prizes to be won every month!

The original aim of the 50/50 club was to raise funds for the redevelopment of the Fishbourne Centre. Having completed that project, the objective changed to raise funds for a defibrillator and, most recently, to raise funds for the children’s playground. We successfully raised money for both, but there is always more to do! The fund was relaunched in 2020 to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the FPFA Charity.

Interested in becoming a member? Click here to find out more!

Other ways you can support the FPFA…


Every penny counts!

No matter how big or small, any donation is always greatly received. If you are able to donate you can do this in two ways:

Option 1 – Donate online by clicking here
Option 2 – Donate by cheque: please make cheques payable to Fishbourne Playing Field Association and send to The Treasurer FPFA, 46 Blackboy Lane, Chichester, PO18 8BE along with your contact details.


Fundraisers, cake sales and more!

We have the facilities available for any type of event. Hold a socially distanced coffee morning, a bring-and-buy book sale or a pub quiz that isn’t on Zoom or Skype! Call the Centre today to see how you can organise an event whilst following government guidelines 01243 788368


It will mean a lot!

So that others can continue to enjoy the Field and Centre as you do.


We really do hope, you and other residents of Fishbourne will show their support by signing up to the 50/50 club in sufficient numbers but please rest assured the FPFA Charity Trustees are always continually reviewing its finances to ensure the long term resilience of the charity and the services it provides to the residents of Fishbourne. As explained, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted us and to ensure we can continue operating, we may have to consider other avenues to ensure longer term financial stability.

Do you have any suggestions?

Then please do contact us! Any suggestion is better than none! If anyone has any other ideas on how we can raise more funds for the charity, please contact us today. Email: enquires@FPFA.org.uk Your opinion counts!

Your chance to become a Trustee for the FPFA or Director of the Fishbourne Centre
The FPFA and The Fishbourne Centre are looking for Trustees and Directors to join the Board to help with the running of the Centre and to help oversee all the activities on the playing field. Bookkeeping, accountancy or a keenness to take on projects are all great attributes!

Interested in becoming a Trustee? Please email: enquiries@fpfa.org.uk
Interested in becoming a Director for the Fishbourne Centre? Please email: admin@fishbournecentre.org.uk